Eleven Gluten Free Foods to Keep in Stock

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Eating gluten free (GF) doesn’t need to be overwhelming!

Are you always missing an ingredient for your next gluten free meal or you don’t know what to make? If I could teach you to keep these items in stock you can create many tasty gluten free meals. You can create breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with the list below. Some imagination and creation can be helpful if you normally were to grab and make meals with food that comes out of a box or using directly from a can.

The list of 11 gluten free foods that I list are what I consider to be a gluten free staple. Meaning that these are or can be part of the main gluten free meal. So with the 11 gluten free foods listed and a few things that you may have in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer you can create many great gluten free meals for the whole family.

So lets take a look at the 11 gluten free foods.

1. Gluten free pasta is great to keep on hand because pasta can be made into many different dishes. Gluten free pasta comes in many shapes and in different grains such as brown rice, white rice, corn and tapioca to name a few. Gluten free pasta can become as simple as spaghetti, cold pasta salads, a casserole, homemade soups and many more dishes.

2. Rice is a very versatile grain and found around the world. Most often you will see white rice, brown rice, long grain rice and wild rice. Due to nutritional value I would suggest brown rice over white rice.

Rice can make many different dishes from Mexican to Chinese and everything in between. For an evening feeling like Chinese you can use fresh vegetables and saute to your liking and pair it up with your brown rice. Have you ever craved Mexican food? Well simple to create a Mexican rice dish and serve it with corn shelled tacos. Rice can also be made into sweet dishes and or used in soup.

3. Quinoa is a great source of protein that is actually comes from the nut family. Quinoa can be found in regular or in flakes. Quinoa can be made like a hot breakfast cereal, into a main meal, or done in a cold or warm salad. This very versatile gluten free food can become a part of your meal in just minutes.

Quinoa flakes can be uses in place of part of a gluten free flour. Experiment with the quinoa flakes in your muffins, waffles and cakes. Quinoa does have a slightly “nutty” flavor so use a portion of the quinoa flake to the gluten free flour.

4. Gluten free flours are needed for making breakfast items, coatings on meat, thickener in sauces, and of course our baked items. Getting a flour blend can be done by you purchasing 3-4 gluten free flours and creating your blend or if your not much of a baker it might be easier to purchase a gluten free flour blend as you wouldn’t use it up as fast. It may also depend on the space you have to store the flour too. To have the gluten free flour blend ready at all times makes it a lot easier when you come home and your in a hurry, this way it will be ready for you.

5. Fresh fruit and veggies are naturally gluten free! I find that you can add to many main meal dishes with many veggies if you have them on hand and fresh has more nutrients. So don’t put so much stress on yourself keep them on hand for that meat, potatoes and veggie meal or a simple stir fry with some brown rice, big salad of greens with many other vegetable and fruits on top is excellent also. Fruits can be made into a smoothie, added to waffles or pancakes or added to cereal for a great breakfast. Fruits make a great breakfast, snack, desert and add in to many dishes so having those on hand fills lots of spots in the GF meal area. Fruits and vegetables also have lots of fiber. Fiber is great for the colon and also make you feel full.

6. Nuts make a great snack and is also great to add great crunch to a lettuce salad or cold pasta salad. Favorites are almonds, walnuts and pecans but there are many more to pick from than the 3 listed. Nuts are most nutritious is eaten in the raw form and free of salt. Nuts can be made into a great trail mix to have when you are busy or ready to add to salad.

7. Bread is often missed by those that need to go gluten free for health reasons. The GF bread has come along way in the last few years and can be pretty tasty. Gluten free bread freezes well for those that don’t eat much bread may find it goes bad faster so by freezing the bread it will save you some money because you wont be throwing it out after it has sat on your counter for just a few days.

Gluten free bread is needed for not only a sandwich. How about french toast or toast in the morning with fruit or eggs, with any meal, bread crumbs are also needed for some dishes or coatings on meats.

8. Cereal that is GF can be very expensive but has also come along way in just a couple of years. If you go to the natural section of the grocery store or a specialty store you will pay good money for a smaller box of gluten free cereal. Now the cereals in the regular isle of the store also has some gluten free cereal choices such as Chex, Rice Crispies, and Pebbles. Also don’t forget about the hot cereals that are gluten free such as Cream of Rice, Cream of Buckwheat, Certified Oatmeal, Quinoa make great hot cereal too.

Cereal is also great to have on hand for coating meat, used in bars, added to trail mix, or just to eat as cereal.

9. Eggs are naturally GF and are necessary for many dishes so keep them in stock in your house. Eggs are used in muffins and cakes but you also need them for many main dish meals. So main dish in the morning could of course be eggs, meat and gluten free toast. Also could be and omelet, egg bake dish, Quiche and then in our baked goods.

10. Beans or legumes are a great source of fiber. Beans are often found in Mexican dishes but there are many other ways to use beans. Think of adding beans to a potatoes dish, green salad, casserole, Chili and soups.

11. Oils that are great to saute and cook in are extra virgin olive oil and Grapeseed oil. They are a healthy choice and taste great with veggies in a salad or sauté.

So you may be wondering why I don’t have meat or dairy on the list. Well for all the foods listed above you can make great meals out of them with or without meat and dairy. I encourage you to get creative if you have not tried some of the things listed as they can be made into some great tasting dishes and usually in a few minutes if you have them stored and ready to go.